Advanced BnW Film Developing & Printing with Brian Young

Advanced BnW Film Developing & Printing with Brian Young


May 31, 2022 | 10am

*This workshop has been postponed.

Saturday & Sunday
June 4, 5, 11, 12 | 10AM-6PM
Registration Required

There are numerous stories of photographers processing their films in unusual and makeshift circumstances, some of which are legend. B&W film development is a finite act: once is forever so you best be prepared for the challenge. The purpose of this class is to discuss and demonstrate how it is possible (and relatively easy) to produce quality B&W negatives.

Learning involves making mistakes; you will make mistakes, everyone does. But, with practice, you will soon produce consistent results which translate into predictable printing times/ contrast settings and desired tonal scale. This control is our goal. Proofing negatives will be the means by which you can analyze the quality of your negatives for grain, contrast/ density and tonal scale. Also, printing in a darkroom at BDC will be the final test of your effort…seeing the positive in a silver print. Using a film scanner/ inkjet printer is an alternate proofing option for those who have no recourse to an analog option. Analog Film can thrive in both worlds exhibiting its unique ‘look’.

Each day we will process B&W film and print a sample negative(s). Each of the 4 days will discuss how to develop film for FINE GRAIN for PUSHING film 2 stops regardless of IE speed. The following week we will address PULLING film especially for back lit situations and the use of SPECIAL DEVELOPERS that are commercially available such as PMK and their like.

This class is open to anyone who wants to become ‘the master of their own fate’. And, we also welcome all those who are tired of serving the ‘other master’… 0101011!

*6 free darkroom hours are included with class registration.


Brian Young is a Canadian-born photographer, teacher and master printer. Since 1980, he has dedicated himself to analog B&W photography. He has been a member of the ICP faculty since 1988 and has taught workshops in Brazil, Mexico and Spain. Brian was core faculty for both ICP’s FT Certificate Programs where he developed and taught the Technical Seminar in Analog B&W from 1990 to 2020. In 1992, he started Phototechnica Inc., a custom B&W lab that specializes in exhibition printing, book projects and commercial repro. He has printed for prominent national and international art photographers, photojournalists and documentary photographers. He has also printed for exhibitions in distinguished museums around the world. In 2016, he published a book of pictures from his own archive, “The Train NYC 1984.” Young enjoys collaborating with photographers who still believe in the unique beauty of film photography and the silver gelatin print.

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