The Corner

The Corner


Oct 12 - Nov 11, 2018



Olivia Adechi  |  Ed Alvarez  |  Kamal Badhey  |  Kayla Beltran  |  Trevon Blondet  David "Dee" Delgado  |  Salvador Espinoza  |  Bianca Farrow 
Belinda Gallegos  |  Lisa Kahane  |  Mike Kamber  |  Katie Khouri  |  Wanda Lotus  |  Coco McPherson  |  Carla Rice  Heriberto Sanchez 
Dakota Santiago  | Jon Santiago  |  Sean Sirota  Rhynna M. Santos  Adi Talwar  Elias Williams  Michael Young 


Join us in celebrating The Corner, a pop-up show featuring Bronx Documentary Center photographers. The work, taken over the past
seven years, explores the people, traditions, and culture found on the block of 151st St and Courtlandt Ave, in the Bronx. 

Free and open to the public.

Gallery hours:

Oct 20, 1-5PM

Oct 21, 1-3PM

Oct 27-28, 1-3PM

Nov 3-4, 1-5PM

Nov 10, 1-3PM

Nov 11, 1-5PM  



© Bianca Farrow                                                                                                   © Rhynna M. Santos 


© Wanda Lotus


About the BDC Photographers:
The BDC hosts a free weekly photography class and regular professional development workshops for underrepresented Bronx photographers.
Participants gain technical skills, collaborate on documentary projects, learn professional practices, and create websites and portfolios. 


Main Photo:  © Michael Young