Trump Revolution

Trump Revolution


May 23 - Jun 16, 2020

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In response to concerns around COVID-19 the Bronx Documentary Center has
canceled all gallery hours until further notice. This exhibition will open as an online gallery.


Stacy Kranitz | Kadir van Lohuizen I Yuri Kozyrev | Katie Orlinsky | Bryan Thomas | Marcus Yam

Through photos, words and multimedia, the BDC exhibition, Trump Revolution: Climate Crisis, documents the current president's overturning of decades of American environmental policy, and its profound effects on American society and our planet at large.

On Saturday, May 23rd, the exhibition will be available to view online at

This is the second in a year-long series of Trump Revolution exhibitions examining America's societal and political transformation, one whose speed, reach and consequences are unmatched in our country's history.


“The Trump Administration’s action on the environment cuts deeper than simple regulatory rollbacks: his administration has sought to root out science-based decision-making across the board. Committees dedicated to scientific expertise have been disbanded across the government, meanwhile Trump welcomed a panel aimed at critiquing climate science and appointed a prominent coal lobbyist to lead—and partly dismantle— the Environmental Protection Agency.

We will certainly feel the effects of those decisions for decades to come, and yet it’s evident even now. As seen in the photos of Bryan Thomas, Americans who live on eroding coastal shores are losing their homes and livelihoods. Stacy Kranitz’s work explores how millions of Americans, particularly low-income and people of color, breathe polluted air and drink contaminated water, taking years off their lives. Marcus Yam’s harrowing images show Californians living on the edge of wildfire-zones, increasingly at risk of losing their homes, or worse. Katie Orlinsky, Kadir van Lohuizen and Yuri Kozyrev document life and environmental disaster in lands to the north, bringing attention to the melting permafrost and the resulting changes to indigenous communities. Through photos, words and multimedia this exhibition examines the devastation of our environment, threatening our economic stability and livelihood, and the very existence of life on this planet.”

– Justin Worland


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The exhibition is curated by the Bronx Documentary Center’s Exhibition Coordinator Cynthia Rivera, and Executive Director Michael Kamber.

The Trump Revolution: Climate Crisis exhibition is made possible by the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, and, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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: A 16-year-old resident of Island View Drive wipes her tears, as she looks on at her family's home destroyed by the Thomas fire, the morning after the fire started, in Ventura, Calif., on Dec. 5, 2017. © Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times 

INTERIOR PHOTO (L-R) : Tarisha Johnson poses for a portrait on the Daytona Beach Boardwalk in Daytona Beach, Florida. Florida's tourism industry, the main economic generator in places such as Daytona Beach, could lose as much $178 billion annually due to climate change related issues. © Bryan Thomas;  NORILSK, RUSSIA. AUGUST 2018 - The copper factory. Three plants of Norilsk — the nickel factory, the copper factory and the metallurgical complex "Nadejda” (“Hope”), were built successively in 1942, 1949 and 1981. 56% of the population works in these places.  © Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR for Carmignac Foundation