BJPL in partnership with Audubon

BJPL in partnership with Audubon

How birding and photography can unite a community.


Students from the Bronx Junior Photo League went birding with the Audubon's Jason Ward at Governors Island to learn about wildlife conservation photography.

“I have learned that photographing birds is very intricate and requires a lot of patience,” Rodriguez says. “Nature is underappreciated in New York sometimes, but it is everywhere. Everything has a connection to nature and photography is a medium that connects the public to their natural environment.”—Chloe Rodriguez, Bronx Junior Photo League

Read the full article here and watch a video of the trip below.  

PHOTO: Izaiah Cardona, a 10th grader in the Bronx Junior Photo League, tries to snap a bird picture through his binoculars. Photo: Dominic Arenas/Audubon

VIDEO: © Mike Fernandez/Audubon