The BDC offers professional development workshops for documentary photographers and filmmakers each year. Instructors come from the BDC's wide network of internationally renowned photographers and filmmakers.  

Upcoming Workshops:

Mastering the BnW Print with Brian Young
4-Classes: July 6, 7, 13, 14, Saturdays + Sundays, 10AM-5PM

The Portfolio Edit: Curating and Presenting Your Images with Marie A. Monteleone
2-Classes: August 17 + 18, 10AM-4PM

Building a Narrative Through Street and Documentary Photography with José Sarmento Matos

1-Day: November 9, 9AM-5PM


The BDC’s annual portfolio review provides photographers and Bronx Photo League members an opportunity to present and receive feedback from a remarkable range of the top photo editors from The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Magnum Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Wall Street Journal, Getty Images, Sports Illustrated, and other publications. Many participants have received assignments as a result of the review; some say it has jumpstarted their careers.

“Without a doubt, the portfolio review was the best thing I've ever done for my career. It really blew up after I came to the BDC's review. I have gotten more than 50 assignments from the NY Times, Newsday, and The Washington Post. The connections I made took my career to a place I was hoping for, but thought not possible for many years.” Participant, 2015 Portfolio Review

Stay tuned for next dates of our upcoming Portfolio Review.  

The BDC’s annual five-day Photobook Masterclass workshop is led by Teun van der Heijden and Sandra van der Doelen of the Heijdens Karwei design studio (Netherlands). The Masterclass covers all aspects of how to turn a body of work into a book, from the editing and compiling process to concept development, taking into consideration design issues like choice of size, paper, grid, and typography, while providing guidance on the printing process. This workshop is designed for established photographers who are interested in working on a concept, and editing and sequencing a book. 

Stay tuned for next dates of our upcoming Masterclass.

The BDC has offered the following workshops:

Women's Filmmaking Workshop | Kirsten Johnson
Getting Access | Carolyn Cole and Todd Heisler
The Business of Film and Video | Nick Quested
Investigative Journalism and Non-Fiction Writing | Peter Maass
Intensive Class in Documentary Filmmaking | Jeremiah Zagar
Photo Workshop | Stephanie Sinclair
Film Workshop | Ross Kaufman
One-Day Course in Narrative Non-Fiction | Sebastian Junger
Beginner Analog Photography | Brian Young
Photobook Workshop | Bonnie Briant + Bobbie Richardson
B&W Film Workshop | Michael Kamber
Taller de Fotografía en Español | Michael Kamber + Maria Galindo + Belinda Gallegos
Empowered Storytelling | Idil Ibrahim
B&W Print in Silver Gelatin | Brian Young
Introduction to Lighting | Andrew French
Successfully Processing B&W Film | Brian Young
The Long-Term B&W Gelatin Silver Printing Project I Brian Young
Introducción a la Fotografía Digital en Español I Belinda Gallegos
Photobook Design Masterclass I Teun van der Heijden and Sandra van der Doele

Introduction to Lighting I Andrew French
Getting Close: Access, Observation and the Documentary Image I Joseph Rodríguez
The Long Term B&W Gelatin Silver Printing Project I Brian Young
Fotografía Digital 2 En Español I Belinda Gallegos
Intro to Digital Photographer 2 I Salvador Espinoza
Expose the Shadows; Develop for the Highlights; Creating Better Negatives with B&W Film I Brian Young
Art & Technique in the Practice of Street Photography I Richard Sandler
Fotografía Análoga en Blanco y Negro 2 I Belinda Gallegos
Documentary Photography in the Digital Era I Xyza Cruz Bacani
Fotografía Analógica en Blanco y Negro 1 I Belinda Gallegos
Lighting Workshop with Andrew French: Part 2
Intermediate Photojournalism: Mike Kamber & Victor J. Blue
Introducción a la Fotografía Analógica