BDC Photobook

BDC Photobook

Students will leave this workshop with a complete mock-up/dummy of their book. 


Feb 23, 2019 | 10am

The 4-day workshop runs two consecutive weekends:
Day 1: Sat, February 23rd, 10AM-5PM
Day 2: Sun, February 24th, 10AM-5PM
Day 3: Sat, March 2nd, 10AM-5PM
Day 4: Sun, March 3rd, 10AM-5PM
In this class, presentations and hands-on workshop sessions will guide students through the processes of editing for a book: sequencing, designing, typesetting, and deciding what printed form their project should take. The course will focus on the steps leading up to the actual production and printing of a book. Other topics include demonstrations of best practices in Adobe InDesign, finding the right format, and approach to the production which might best suit their project. Students will leave this class with a complete mock-up/dummy of their book.

Participants should come in with 4x6 work prints (laser or CVS prints ok) of a wide edit (50-100 images) from a single completed body of work that they want to make into book form. They will also need digital files of those images. The class will focus on conceiving the book form, not producing more photography.

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BONNIE BRIANT originally from Rhode Island, moved to New York to study photography at the Tisch School of the Arts. After graduation, she began working for Yolanda Cuomo at her design studio, as well as helping Sylvia Plachy as an assistant. She currently works full time at Yolanda's studio as Associate Designer, as well as freelancing in design and photography. Bonnie’s work centers around ideas and issues with memories, about the cyclical nature of memory and time.
BOBBIE RICHARDSON hails from Houston, TX and works part-time as a Junior Designer at Yolanda Cuomo Design as well as maintaining several freelance clients. She has helped produce and design internationally distributed books, magazines, and many other objects. Whether it is books, magazines, menus, exhibitions, or any other printed object, she brings her passion and genuine enjoyment of design and collaboration to each and every project.