Brian Young | The Fine Print in Gelatin Silver B&W

Brian Young | The Fine Print in Gelatin Silver B&W


Nov 13, 2021 | 10am




Weekends, November: 13,14, 20, 21 | 10AM-5PM


This two-weekend class is intended for students who wish to deepen their knowledge of analog B&W printings on fiber-based paper. It is a practical hands-on darkroom printing class overseen by a master B&W printer Brian Young. After an initial introduction to fundamental printing practice, students will print their own negatives on 11x14 or 16x20 MG FB paper.

Students will learn by doing, by practicing, and by critique. Each class will introduce a technique which can assist a printer to achieve a better outcome in their printing experience. Simply put, printing skill is developed with practice, understanding, and refinement of basic skill sets: burning and dodging.

Emphasis will be placed on evaluating the negative before enlarging to predict its density characteristics which will become the tonal scale in the positive print. Choosing a printing strategy based on this evaluation is critical to a successful outcome.

Cost: $500
A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required. 

Topics of discussion will include:

• Understanding negative contrast and print exposure time

• How to make a ‘smart’ print test strip and how to evaluate it

• Understanding enlarger light sources, enlarging lenses, grain focusers

• Paper types, tone, contrast

• Paper developers, contrast types, Fixer types, archival process for paper, washing, drying and finishing

•Multiple filter printing, split filter printing

• 1 bath development, 2 bath paper development using water, selector soft, diluted developer

• Flashing paper

• Toning and Bleaching

Please note a COVID-19 vaccination is required. Masks are required during the workshops at all times.


BRIAN YOUNG has dedicated himself to analog B&W photography since 1980. He moved to New York in 1984 to attend classes at the ICP in Documentary Photography. During this time, he explored the city and photographed what living there in the mid-80s was like. The East Harlem Project, a collaborative photo-slideshow documentary by eight photographers was produced. In 1986, he began assisting Eugene Richards in the processing and printing production of B&W images for Richards’ book, 'Below The Line: Living Poor in America'. He continued this collaboration for over 25 years. He started Phototechnica Inc., an analog B&W studio in 1992 and has since printed for numerous other renowned B&W photographers. He has produced book prints for over 20 important books and many more B&W exhibitions for museums around the world from a diverse group of exceptional international artists. He closed Phototechnica in 2016 but continues to print. As with rock & roll music, B&W film photography will never die!

IMAGE: © Brian Young