From the Streets to the Heart - Ernst Coppejans

From the Streets to the Heart - Ernst Coppejans


Jun 18, 2024 | 6:30pm

The project "From the Streets to the Heart," created by Dutch artist Ernst Coppejans, documents the lives of homeless LGBTQIA+ youth in NYC, and aims to raise awareness about their struggles. Through moving visuals and personal interviews, the project showcases their resilience and challenges. As LGBTQIA+ rights face unprecedented threats, it also serves as a call to action.

Join Coppejans for an artist talk and Q&A as he presents his work at the BDC. The project is also on display as part of Photoville’s 2024 exhibition.


Ernst Coppejans is an artist and photographer committed to using his work to shed light on social issues. As a gay man, his work also has a personal resonance, as it captures the beauty and diversity of our world while addressing discrimination and prejudice. With a talent for storytelling, Coppejans aims to challenge norms and advocate for marginalized communities through the power of imagery.

IMAGE: © Ernst Coppejans