LAPD 1994: Joseph Rodríguez

LAPD 1994: Joseph Rodríguez


Feb 5, 2021 | 12pm


On February 5, 2021, the exhibition will be available to view at 

In response to concerns around COVID-19 the Bronx Documentary Center has
canceled all gallery hours until further notice. This exhibition will open as an online gallery.

In a year when millions of Americans poured into the streets demanding changes in police strategy, training and deployment, the Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) believes a crucial part of the conversation should be Joseph Rodríguez’s photo series and just-released book, LAPD 1994. 

The BDC’s online exhibition with images and text from Rodríguez’s book gives us an up close and personal look at the cops, victims, and violent perpetrators in working class communities of Pico Union, Rampart, and South Central Los Angeles.

Though the photos were taken more than 25 years ago, they serve as markers illuminating the path to our current society, one beset by debates about policing, violence and incarceration. As Rubén Martínez writes in its introduction, Rodríguez’s body of work visually encompasses, “another moment that tore open the soul of America.” 

The exhibition is curated by Michael Kamber, and Cynthia Rivera. The exhibition website was designed by Cynthia Rivera.

IMAGE: Pacific Division officers confront a man found squatting in an apartment building garage. El oficial Llanes y su compañero revisan un garaje donde encuentran a un hombre que dormía y usaba drogas en los gabinetes. © Joseph Rodríguez